9 keys to Improve Survival in the Covid-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

9 keys to Improve Survival in the Covid-19  Coronavirus  Pandemic          

  • Currently, there are a large number of people who are being affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus  pandemic  in different countries
  • The situation will likely overwhelm  medical systems in many localities
  • Many people tested positive of the Covid-19 Coronavirus but with mild symptoms will not be admitted into hospitals or medical facilities for treatment, but are told to administer self-quarantine at home
  • We would like to provide important tips for you to have the best chance of recovery
  1. Do Not Drink Too Much Fluid

When we suffer from a viral illness, our body will gradually develop immunity to fight the virus and recover.  The main reason people die in Covid-19 and SARS is when the illness progresses into severe viral pneumonia. The most common problem when treating severe viral pneumonia is that it was treated like bacterial pneumonia.  In bacterial pneumonia we want the patient to have ample fluid intake so that the antibiotics can be carried by the blood to kill the bacteria.  However, in the case of severe viral pneumonia, it is the opposite. The amount of fluid intake should be decreased because the virus does make holes in the vascular alveoli junctions in the lungs and causes body fluid leakage into the lungs. This leads patients to be literally drowned in their own fluid, which is primarily responsible for the ugly chest x-rays at the early stage.  Fluid leaking into the lungs’ alveoli causes the patient being not able to get enough air and this is followed by further secondary inflammatory damages.  Using ventilators, doctors can attempt to push air into the lungs to keep the alveoli of the lungs open for a while.  But keeping the alveoli open becomes more and more difficult, and hence results in subsequent death.  Hence, the most important KEY is to keep the lungs dry by keeping the fluid intake on the low side. When your mouth and tongue feel dry, you are probably 5% dehydrated. But keeping the lungs dry will give the best chance of survival in a severe viral pneumonia.  Thus, the key is to avoid drinking large volume of fluid. Nevertheless,   In order to avoid too much dehydration, taking small sips of liquid is okay to relieve the dry mouth discomfort.

This fluid overload problem also explains why some doctors found some of their patients who appeared to be getting better clinically during recovery, suddenly deteriorated.  This is because Instead of just receiving intravenously previously, the patient was allowed to start drinking a lot of fluid orally.

In the event you begin to have breathing difficulty, you should immediately go to the hospital.

2. Keep your body warm  

Increase in body temperature to 39 ®C (102.2® F) will increase the production of interferon by our lymphocytes by a multitude of 10 times. Interferon is what our body produce to defend against virus. So unless you fever is making you feel very uncomfortable, you may want to tolerate a little bit of fever in your body which is a natural response to combat the virus. You may consider taking antipyretics that you are not allergic to, e.g. Paracetamol (Panadol or Tylenol) when you feel discomfort, or when your body temperature reaches 38.3C (101F) or higher, so that you may feel better.

3. Take a Warm Bath  

Taking a warm bath not only makes you feel better but also does 3 things for you:

A) The increase in body and skin temperature to 38-40C (100.4-104F) will increase the number of circulating lymphocytes in your blood

B) The increased body temperature will increase the production of Interferon by the lymphocytes 10 times

C) Gentle massage of your skin will activate the body immune system which is heavily stationed under your skin

After the warm bath and shower, you may want to drink a cup of hot coke with 2-3 pieces of lemon in it. The lemon will give you Vitamin C.  The caffeine in the coke will ameliorate your negative feeling from the illness. 

After the hot bath and the coke, take a nap under a warm blanket.  You may sweat after the nap. If that occurs, change you wet clothes to dry, clean clothes. The wet clothes will have to be washed with laundry detergent and in hot water because they may contain virus and toxins excreted in the sweat.

4. Plenty of Sleep and Rest  

Our body repairs itself during rest and sleep. Sleep not only raises your body temperature but also raise your immunity. In additional to the pituitary adrenal axis, there are substances called neuropeptides which are secreted by our brains like messengers that regulate the body’s immunity function. During sleep and generally around 4 a.m., the brain also secretes a small amount of growth hormone which is responsible to help our body to stay young. Another benefit for those who are always at peace in their heart, the energy system of the meridians called yin and yang will try to connect with each other and run through a Minor or Major Cycle.  If this is successful, a person’s energy system is revitalized and becomes a stronger field in defending against the negative energy of the virus.

5. Be Calm and Peaceful

Try to resolve your emotional conflicts, stress and let go of your anger, grief and fear. You may want to realize that 45% of people who contacted the virus do not get the Corvid-19 disease.  And even if you become a confirmed case, 85% of people do not develop into severe cases that require intensive care. Try to understand that worry and fear will not help the situation at all.  Instead, negative emotions increase your stress hormone such as adrenocortical steroids and will lower your immunity. Try to be hopeful and have positive thoughts.  Research has shown that the most effective stress relief method includes prayer to your God and meditation.

6. Avoid Chicken or Fatty Food

Try your best to avoid chicken, chicken soup, fatty food, or deep fried food.  These kinds of food will supply lots of phospholipids which will provide the raw material for the virus to synthesize large amount of viral capsular materials for their reproduction and hence to attack the host’s body.  Just forget about the erroneous belief that chicken soup is good for common cold.

7. Practice Good Hygiene

Practice good hygiene so that you do not spread the virus to those who come in contact with you or take care of you, particularly your family members:

  • Always wear 99% Viral Filtration Efficiency face mask unless you are eating or on a ventilator
  • Wash your hands frequently with warm soap and hot water for 20 seconds or more each time, or use a  70% alcohol hand sanitizer
  • Spray 70% alcohol or antiseptics onto the bottom and top of your shoes that you wore outside your home.  Avoid bringing your street shoes into your home.  Sanitize things your bring home, such as your brief case, after going out.

8. Food and Herb

Include ginger, garlic, green onions and onions in your food.

Do NOT take Ibuprofen (Brufen) because it will block the ability of the body to combat the virus when the virus enters into the lung.

You can take N-acetylcysteine 600 mg twice daily which improves immune function via increasing glutathione in the body. Take Vitamin C and Vitamin A daily.

Before western medicine is available, you may want to take antiviral herbs like Echinacea and Lomatium which increases immunity against virus and prevent virus from replication.  For example, you may consider taking Echinamide Anti-V Formula liquid 1.5 ml every 2 waking hours for 48 hours,  then every 3 hours till the illness is gone.

9. Pray

Last but most important of all, pray to the God you know or belief in, for His/Her mercy and grace!  

May you have prompt recovery and good health!

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                                                                                                                                                                                                Health Consultant

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