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3月13日,Crimson 美國高級招生顧問Brenda將剖析選校程序的規則,並提供逐步指南,以製定理想的學校名單。


有常春藤盟,牛津橋,英國G5,美國T20等。 在美國和英國的許多精英大學中,您如何選擇合適的學校申請? 您應該在哪一間度過四年的大學生活?
擁有正確的學校名單會影響您的申請經驗,最重要的是,會影響錄取結果。 編制一張理想又切合實際的學校名單絕非易事!



點擊連結報名: http://bit.ly/3kZTZCD

*webinar conducted fully in English

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8 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a University

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On March 13, Brenda, Hong Kong senior US admissions consultant at Crimson, will dissect the school selection process and provide a step-by-step guide to crafting an ideal school list.

Oxbridge, Stanford, or the Ivy League?

There are the Ivy League, Oxbridge, UK G5, US T20, and more. Among the many elite universities in the US and UK, how do you choose the right schools to apply to? Which one should you spend four years of your life at?

Having the right list of schools impacts your application experience and most importantly, acceptance results. Compiling a suitably ambitious and realistic school list is no mean feat!

Learn the fundamentals of school selection from this webinar and start building a competitive school list:

What are the crucial 8 questions to ask yourself?
How do you go about answering these questions?
Dissecting the rules of the school selection process
A step-by-step guide to crafting an ideal school list

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#Collegeadmissiontalk #webinar #Oxford #Cambridge #Stanford #Ivyleague #studyoverseas #picktherightcollege

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